Casual clothes: 8 tips for the contemporary woman

It seems easy for a woman to adopt a casual style: a pair of jeans, a shirt, some accessories and there it goes. Casual women’s clothes, on the other hand, can be a real crisis. For a woman, casual dressing could mean opting for the tide of options that fashion offers. A simple pair of jeans has hundreds of variations, and one specific model, rather than another, may prove unsuitable for a context, for example, work.

The adjective “casual” refers to a style that a woman can achieve in a relaxed and effortless way. For a woman, casual dressing can mean wearing comfortable leisurewear that is not necessarily expensive. For some people, casual is not just a way of dressing, but an actual way of life. After all, thanks to casual wear, you can look neat and elegant, and you can enhance your natural beauty without necessarily emptying your wallet.

Thanks to our 8 simple tips, you can be a woman who can always choose which type of casual wear will be the best option for you.

Jeans: the basic garment

Among the casual clothes for women a good pair of jeans cannot miss. Denim is practical and comfortable. For example, you can wear skinny jeans with a short romantic style blouse that can become glamorous with the addition of some accessory. If chosen in their darker version, jeans can also be suitable for a corporate casual Friday.

Never leave your heels at home

Opting for a pair of high-heeled shoes, not necessarily stiletto shoes, can be a great idea to make the woman who chooses the casual style more refined. A good alternative would be a pair of men’s laces and moccasins.

Accessories give character

Accessories must be used as real elements from which to start, in order for the woman to create a casual outfit. Just do not lose sight of the harmony and brightness of the complex, leaving aside or avoiding provocations altogether. Accessories will become the protagonists of your outfit, they will be talking about you. An unusually shaped bag, a cascade of necklaces or a fine watch. An example? The Baldinini Lady Gibi Rose Mesh watch with a pink gold dial and strap, it blends perfectly with any woman’s casual style. Minimalist yet super sought-after, it hides a Ronda movement made in Switzerland. If you then decide to change the strap, you can do so easily without going to the watchmaker, thanks to the simplified release mechanism. A watch that once worn on the wrist, will give the individual a casual and minimalist look at the same time.

Baldinini Gibi Rose Gold Mesh

Never reveal too much

Casual style is never sexy or provocative. That is why it is better to not show than to show too much. You have to stop choosing clothes that are too low-cut or without sleeves. Of course, you have to deal with the climate but you also have to keep in mind the style!

Attention to context

It would be good to make a distinction between the different types of casual clothing that a woman can adopt depending on the situation:

  • Business casual – mainly used in work contexts, it is characterized by light colour tones, classic attire and harmonious lines.
  • Smart casual – has less rigid guidelines, but can also be used at work, combining elegant and everyday details. Giorgio Armani is considered to be the founding father of this style.
  • Street casual – much less binding, allows the woman to express her personality much more freely, without forgetting the proportions.
  • Sporty casual – very similar to the previous casual, but enriched with trainers, sweaters and caps.
  • Casual chic – the casual elegance of this style is made up of basic and minimalist garments made from particularly fine materials.

The importance of neutrals

The colours that characterize the casual style, in fact, have no limitations. Therefore, a woman who chooses her apparel to achieve a casual style can dare while keeping in mind the shades that best suit her complexion. Our advice is to create the outfit starting from neutral colours (black, beige, blue, grey, white) adding gradually, the most contemporary colours and patterns. Neutral-coloured garments will be the ones to invest in most because they never go out of style.

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“Fresh and natural” make-up

To recreate a casual style, you should do your make- up as if it was there, but in a subtle way, adding, if necessary, a beautiful super bright lipstick.

The outerwear is fundamental

A sartorial blazer is definitely the piece of clothing on which the woman who wants to dress casual should invest. Usually, in fact, it is the outerwear that makes the look. Among others: leather jackets, coats and trench coats.

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The casual style is perfect for many occasions. In addition, a well-constructed outfit can be a real must for your days. Which one will you choose to adopt.

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