Women’s clothing: Tips for a chic style

An chic woman can be seen from her clothes, which hardly goes unnoticed: jeans that fit like a glove, a jacket with a tailored cut, a dress that enhances the figure are just a few examples of what can become the best attire for the woman who wants to be chic and fashionable.

Not always do the trend-setting items we see in magazines suit all women. To make a woman elegant, the clothing needs to be tailored and customized.

So, in the immensity of chic clothes and accessories for girls, here are:

10 tips to always have a chic style

Take note because you will not be able to do without it anymore!


Identify your shape

The best way for a woman to identify elegant apparel is to know the shape of her body. To support it, are designers and image consultants from all over the world. For example, if you are small, you should better avoid shapes that are too baggy, even if you love them. Rather, you should opt for clothes that define the waist and end above the knee. As well as if you have thick ankles and muscular legs, it would be better to avoid footwear with a strap or ankle boots.

The right accessory highlights the look

In addition to chic clothes for girls, you must focus on another key element to ensure that your style is immediately recognizable and classy. We are talking about accessories! Especially if your wardrobe is full of basic garments, with neutral colours (black, blue, beige…). The elegant and fashionable accessory can make the difference! Not only bags and belts, but we also give importance to the wrist with an element that will immediately catch the eye. An example? The Baldinini Lady Adria Stone Grey watch. With its mirrored dial studded with Swarovski crystals. It is in gold, a color that perfectly fits every outfit. The watch is Swiss Made as well as its precise movement. A white leather strap gives the ultimate touch, which can be easily replaced without the need for tools that are difficult to use. Elegance at your fingertips!


Emphasizes the waist

To have a more sinuous shape but at the same time which makes the clothes suitable for an elegant woman, try a belt. If you are curvy, even better, so as to make the curves even more dangerous!

A tailor for a friend

Of course, cheap girls’ dresses produced in retail stores of large-scale can have a lot of appeal. But to make them perfect they need a few small customizations and this must be done by an expert in the field. Find a tailor and make him a friend!

Leave room for the imagination of the beholder

One of the best weapons of seduction is to let the beholder imagine what is beneath the clothes. For this reason, clothing that make women elegant and sexy at the same time, require only a small portion of skin to be shown. Even Jen Rade, who takes care of the image of Angelina Jolie at her events suggests this. A basic rule? If the legs are uncovered then the top should be covered and vice versa.

Image Credit: https://www.jenniferrade.com/

The stretchiness that helps

The five pocket pants can become really elegant. How many times have you gone crazy during the search for the perfect pair of pants? Well, we are about to reveal the secret formula for having jeans that are comfortable and tight at the same time:

  • 95% cotton
  • 5% Lycra

Also, it might be helpful to buy a smaller size. However, if you want a five pocket model that does not immediately lose its shape, add 2% more Lycra. Try it to believe it and share with friends!

Organize the wardrobe

How can you be a chic woman if you cannot find the right clothes in your closet? The clothes must breathe in the sense that they must be clearly visible at a glance. In addition, a good organization can also come from drawing up a list of the 10 items you most prefer in your closet. This list will help you make more sense when shopping in the future. If, for example, you notice that this list lacks any daring pattern or mini skirts, it is probably because you do not like to wear them.


Image Credit: www.pixabay.com

Shopping with care

Girls’ fancy dresses take time to find. That is why when you go shopping you have to arm yourself with time and patience. For example, you have to take a good look at the internal seams of a dress, which are a sign that it has been carefully made. Also, you have to leave room for the unusual: do you like a garment but you think it is not for you? Take it to the dressing room, it might surprise you. What about during sales? Never buy anything if you do not really like it!

The shoe of the perfect colour

Do you not know what colour of shoes to match your chic woman’s dress with? Well, the nude in this case is a real lifesaver. In addition to being a perfect match for all colours, if you choose the same shade as your skin, it makes your legs look longer. Baldinini Shoes website is the perfect place to find what you want.


Image Credit: https://www.baldinini-shop.com/

The importance of outerwear

What is the point of dressing perfectly underneath if other people do not know it? It should be borne in mind that most of the time, during the winter, our look is covered by a coat, down jacket or whatever you want. That is why you have to avoid boring outerwear and choose the one that is as chic as it can be.


Which of these tips will you put into practice right away to become the elegant woman you have always dreamed of being?

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